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Gillian & Teigh

Gillian Marloth Clark

For more than a decade, Gillian Marloth Clark has dedicated herself to imparting the physical and mental aspects of wellness through movement and dance to her hundreds of students. She is an active leader in the fitness industry and instructs her students that “in order to change your body, you have to change your mind.” Based on this concept, Gillian created Yoga Booty Ballet® in 1998 following a revelation for a totally new type of fitness program that combined her love of dance, free expression, and having fun.


Teigh McDonough

Teigh McDonough has enjoyed more than 15 years as a professional dancer, fitness instructor, and personal trainer. She has always loved to combine apparently dissimilar disciplines to create unique and challenging classes. She has used those talents and insights in her work as a choreographer and movement director for stage, film, and fitness throughout California and in Chicago. Teigh has led numerous exercise and yoga videos, and loves to teach both dancers and non-dancers how to move expressively and “free their funky inner ballerina!”



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