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The Journey of a Lifetime

by Phil Block on May 25, 2012

So today is a big day in our house. I’ve spent a little time thinking about it this morning and all the things that come to mind make me smile, laugh, cry and feel extremely lucky. Not necessarily in that order either. Here’s why:

16 years ago 2 kids ran away to Gatlinburg, Tn with goofy grins on their faces and stars in their eyes. It wasn’t the most fancy ceremony and there was no spectacular food buffet. There were no expensive dresses or ridiculously gaudy rings. There was no huge gathering afterwards to party into the night. It really wasn’t much of a weekend, 20 hours of driving in 2 days will do that to you.

What I can tell you about that weekend is this:

It wasn’t about all those frivolous things mentioned above. What that weekend was about was 2 people who loved each other more than either thought was possible making vows to do just that until the end of time. Has the ride been perfect? Certainly not. Has their lives been filled with nothing but roses and butterflies? I wouldn’t say so. What it has been filled with is LOVE. Growing larger every day. A family that has grow larger than just the 2 of them, but the level of love has never gotten smaller.

There has been many ups & downs, peaks & valleys, and even a few¬†incidents that they didn’t expect along the way. Has it been perfect? I wouldn’t say that. But it’s the imperfections that make it so perfect.

There have been times that I’ve wondered what I’ve done to deserve such a wonderful woman in¬† my life, and there have been others that have forced her to ask what she’s done to deserve such a knucklehead like me. lol

Through it all I couldn’t have asked for a better partner, friend, lover ;~), and wife. I’m still not sure that I deserve such a saint in my life, but I ain’t chasing her away anytime soon.

I love you babe, more today than yesterday and definitely not as much as tomorrow. I hope you have a great day at work, and I’ll see when you get home.

Happy Anniversary Jen Block!!!!

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