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My thoughts on the First Presdential Debate 2016

by Phil Block on October 2, 2016

Post image for My thoughts on the First Presdential Debate 2016


14441225_10153955141378424_5278171420268711407_nSo, after watching the debate and hearing all the rhetoric from the pundits I’m convinced that this can’t be the best America has to offer. I’ve served my country and I’d like to have a commander in chief I can believe in. Neither of these two would make me proud.
I’ve seen the devastation that war and poverty bring around the world and unless we can do better, we are on a self destruction path.
“trickle down economics”, Benghazi, Email scandals, hidden tax returns… The list goes on and on. If the one good thing you can say about your platform is that you’re NOT “that other person”, then you’ve failed.
If you point fingers at your opponent and say that they only represent the rich 1%, but you yourself are in that category and use all your “privileges” to stay out of trouble with the law, you are no better. Spending millions on advertising to say the other person would be a terrible choice, but making no effort to prove why your better, you’ve also failed.
I’m tired of our millionaire Congress and their agendas. But I’ll be damned if I’ll let Any of them take away the rights that I’m guaranteed to by our Constitution and creator. The only thing I learned from last night is that my family has waited too long to start “prepping”.
Most people know I’m pro 2 amendment but do YOU actually know what that means? It’s not self protection from thugs or police. It protection for myself and my family from a tyrannical government. It’s not hunting or shooting sports. It’s to ensure the government fears the people who give them power and to ensure our rights and liberties are protected.
Over 200yrs ago our founding fathers could see it. Why can’t we today? Because we are too distracted by what the government controlled media WANTS you to argue about. The press was supposed to be a thorn is the government’s side, not it’s best friend in selling agendas. People need to wake up and look around.
I don’t care what your religion is, what gender you identify with, what your skin color is or who you sleep with. If you think any of these “leaders” will protect your rights you’re completely oblivious to what’s going on. Stop arguing with the other person and come up with solutions.
If you don’t like what’s happening VOTE for new leadership. Obviously it’s not working, but just blaming the other person won’t fix it.
I love my family AND my country. I have a lot of friends in here who served like I did, some for an entire career, this is not what I fought to protect. This is not what makes America great.
The book 1984 was a warning, not a guide to government. Everything we’ve fought for and spent billions on trying to install elsewhere is crumbling in front of our eyes.
I implore you to research for yourself. There are other options. Its not just the white House that needs an overhaul. The entire system needs it too. Who cares who could be in the oval office if the same people are still in Congress who’ve been there for 30yrs!
*Steps off soap box*
talk to you soon,

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