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It’s not just about 6 pack abs..

by Phil Block on June 30, 2012

So I’m sitting here after an 11 day vacation to Florida with my family and reflecting on some things. First off, we all had a wonderful time with some extended family and really great friends. It was great to be able to spend some time together as a family and reconnect in ways that you just can’t do during the normal daily grind.

We got to play mini-golf, go to the beach, got to feed some exotic birds(including Flamingos!!), went to an aquarium in Sarasota, and the topper… We spent 3 great days in Orlando.

Yes that means Walt Disney World & Universal Studios. While all of these activities are great in their own right, what really set this vacation apart from every other one I’ve ever taken were the people involved.

Some of you know that it’s been a rough year for our family. We lost 2 family members in less than 5 months, I had a motorcycle stolen, we needed extensive repairs to our only vehicle and I had begun to lose a little faith in myself to be a role model and provider for my family.

Around the time that we realized that a trip to the Team Beachbody Coach Summit was going to be out of reach financially for us, a family member in south Florida invited us down to stay with them for 2 weeks(completely unsolicited btw). This seemed like a god send so we went to work figuring out how we could make it possible.

Some things would need to be taken care of and the car was #1 on the list. So after some searching around we found a mechanic through friends who did the job at a great rate. Then as word spread through my Beachbody Coaching friends that we wouldn’t be attending Summit, they all kept asking why?? I explained to them the financial issues, and that we would be taking a family trip instead to the sunshine state.

That’s when my friends really stepped up to the plate, without EVER being asked!! 2 friends offered to take us to Walt Disney World and give us a guided tour of the Magic Kingdom, and a 3rd offered to get us a hotel room and a ticket to a theme park as no cost to us whatsoever. As I sit here typing these words I’m on the verge of tears.

You see, it’s been over 5 years since our last family vacation and it wasn’t looking good for a 6th in a row. Because of the generosity of others, we had the “Best Vacation EVER” according to all 3 of my kids. We got to stay at a ritsy hotel, got the royal treatment at the happiest place on earth and got to do it all at little to no cost to us.

Now I’m not bragging that we got stuff for free, that’s not what this is all about. We got to do all this because of the special people I’ve met just through being a coach. These people, no they aren’t people, They are my Family, my Beachbody Family! The only reason that we even had this vacation is because Team Beachbody plugged me into a network of people that give with no thought of self reward.

They are the coaches that I’ve come to know and love. Words cannot describe the grattitude I have for them being in my life. Helping me to give my wife and children a vacation that will live forever in our hearts and our minds. They all gave us all so much and I feel that I can NEVER repay them for it.

I wish I could do more for them as they have done for me, but I know that they would refuse. That’s just the kind of people they are. Giving, compassionate, loving and devoted to helping others. This is why I love being a coach so much. Yeah, the financial rewards are nice, but being able to make a difference in the lives of people is the greatest reward of all. Sometimes it’s someone we may never have even met in person, but that doesn’t make them any less of a friend or family member.

We are in this together. Leading the charge to End the Trend of Obesity on our great nation, and eventually around the world. I just wanted to take a few minutes to recognize these people for what they’ve done for me and my family.

Many thanks you to Aunt Shirley and Uncle Barry for offering us a place to stay and opening your home to us for over a week. I know we can be a handful lol. The kids loved staying in your home, playing with the dogs, going to the beach, playing mini-golf with you and going to the other local attractions.

To our friend Eileen Leonard: Thanks so much for your generosity with the tickets to Universal Studios. Everyone had a blast and we are all still raving about the Butter Beers!!

To my Beachbody Family of Lonnie Nesbitt, Nathanael Donovan & Tom Reale: I can never repay you for what you did for my wife and kids. To see them smile almost nonstop for 3 days because of you guys, for out of the blue jumping up to offer us these things without ever asking for anything in return, I am truly indebted to you. I hope to be able to repay you guys with the same kindness and love you showed us while we were in your hometown.

And finally to my Coach, Traci Morrow and Beachbody founder and CEO Carl Daikeler: Thanks you for creating, and plugging me into such a wonderful group of people that I would have never know about without you. Team Beachbody, P90X and the coaching network haven’t just changed me physically, they’ve change me emotionally and I’m a much richer man/father/husband because of it.

You can be sure that I will be working hard to impact more lives after this vacation so that others can feel the way that my family and I have felt over the past 2 weeks. Everyone deserves to be happy, to enjoy life and to be around people who truly care. That’s what Team Beachbody is all about!!!


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