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Body Beast Day 90 Program Finished!!

by Phil Block on September 4, 2013

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Well day 90 is in the books and this is a weird feeling for me. I’ve finished other programs before, but never one quite like this. My whole journey to this point has been one of weight loss and all that changed when I started this program.

Up to that point I had working towards a lean body type and had been losing weight pretty consistently. There was only one problem, I had been losing muscle as well. Not a lot, but a little here and there adds up over time. So much so that  when I got to me lowest weight of 183, I had become VERY thin. Almost too thin and I really didn’t like it.

That was when I started P90X2 and upped my calorie intake quite a bit. The results was that I went up to 188 very quickly but I was still losing fat. That was just fine with me since that was all I wanted anyway. Then I had my injury. That sidelined me completely for 3-4weeks before I started doing a modified Power90 schedule. That was fine, but I got bored quickly and needed something to give me new challenges while I worked around the ankle thing.

Insert Body Beast! This was just what I needed and was VERY challenging. I obviously still had to modify quite a bit, i.e. skipping leg/cardio days and subbing abs for leg day and P90X Ab Ripper for Beast Abs. This combination worked very well for me. I had to modify the nutrition too since I wasn’t as active as I would normally have been, but I had figured it out. I pushed as hard as I could during the workouts and had managed to maintain my 195lb weight all the way until phase 3.

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I finished up just under 200lbs and overall, considering my modifications for my condition, was very happy. I still have some work to do for fat loss at this point as well as working on my legs since they are a full 3 months behind on progress when compared to the rest of my body. Now I can start walking again daily and gradually working my way back to running.

Speaking of running, I’m planning to start training for a Sprint Triathlon this fall as well. I’ll still be doing my Body Beast HUGE Schedule and I’ll be doing 1-2 days walk/running and eventually I’ll add in a day of cycling to train as well. I think that with this combination I’ll not only get the lean physique I want, but I’ll build the strength AND stamina I need to do that type of event.

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It should be a quite interesting journey from here on out and I’m really looking forward to it! Now I’ll be able to add the muscle I want AND lose the fat I don’t. Isn’t that what we all want anyway? I mean there comes a time in everyone’s journey where the objective changes from just losing weight to just losing fat.

The other thing that I’ve really enjoyed is being able to EAT MORE! I mean let’s face it I got fat because I like to eat, so now I get to eat more, while still being smart about it. The end result? Bigger muscles and a Smaller Belly. Now there’s something that I can really live with :-D.

So overall I’d say Body Beast is a very good program but I will admit that I can’t really give you a complete review until I finish Round 2. That way I have a chance to do ALL the workouts as scheduled. So stay tuned for more info on the workouts I didn’t get to do this time around.

If you’d like to join me in round 2, definitely let me know soon so we can get you started. That’s all I have for now, so keeping moving forward towards YOUR goals and do #WhateverItTakes to achieve them!! 😉


Talk to you soon,


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