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About Us

We’re a happily married couple of 3 great kids. We home school our children in an effort to provide them with the best education experience possible. We started our BEACHBODY transformation in February of 2010.

Now to be honest, when P90X showed up in the mailbox Phil immediately called Jen at work and asked  “Are you trying to kill me?!?!? ” We had spent years taking the easy way out and making excuses. We were “comfortable”. Little did we know at the time, that this would be the best investment and decision we had ever made. As a US Navy Veteran and former high school athlete, Phil was at one point an extremely fit individual with self-confidence in everything he set my mind to.

Jen, on the other hand, was never as she puts it “athletically inclined” and often hid during phys ed. However, she was extremely excited about the prospect of turning our lives around both physically and emotionally. Working out together gave us a common ground besides our family and really helped us stay motivated and accountable. We’ve become more focused and driven, not only in our physical transformation but in all aspects of our lives.

We quickly found out that there was a huge community of people who had taken the same journey we were embarking on. This made it easier and “fun” to work out and share our experiences with others. It really is amazing how many people know about P90X and are intrigued by it.

As our bodies started to change, people took notice. We would get questions all the time as to what we was doing. It was amazing how many other people wanted to do something to change their lives as well. That was the catalyst for becoming coaches. We felt that there was a way we could really help others turn things around just as we had.

It was remarkable that once we started feeling better about our health, that things started to change for us. Prior to starting, Phil’s cholesterol levels were dangerously high and  he was borderline diabetic. After only 3 months, it had all turned around. Our doctor was no longer considering putting him on medications. What a great feeling!

We’re just regular people who made a decision. If you feel like you’re ready to make a change just like we did, let us know. We would love to show you the Building Blocks to a better life!